Fence Rental

In addition to our expertise installing permanent fences, Rhino Fencing also offers fence rentals for those who only need fencing for a short period of time. There can be any number of reasons that you may need a fence rental and regardless of your scenario, we will be able to provide the fencing that you need.

Fence Rental Is Very Popular With Construction

Fence rentals tend to be particularly popular with construction sites, both residential and commercial. Schools, businesses, and even tourist attractions may use temporary fencing to block off areas that are under construction. This protects passersby from accidental injury and prevents damage to the construction site.

Other Uses For Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing can also be useful in emergency scenarios if an area needs to be blocked off securely. If, for example, a portion of a property is damaged from a fire or other disaster, fencing it off can prevent people from entering the area and getting injured from shifting debris. Or it can provide protection against theft of any items that are exposed if a wall collapses.

The use of temporary fencing can also be planned, such as if a restaurant wants to try out an outdoor seating area before making the commitment to installing permanent fencing. Or perhaps you need to prevent people from accessing a swimming pool for safety reasons.

Many events also find fence rentals to be a convenient way of managing crowds. We can arrange them to guide guests through certain areas or just to keep them within a certain part of the event.

Highly Adaptable

Our fence rentals at Rhino Fencing are incredibly versatile, adapting to every situation. The materials can be arranged in a vast array of shapes and sizes, fitting any space regardless of its layout. There is also the option to rent a regular chain link fence or one that also provides privacy by blocking the view. With our fences, you can also easily attach signage to the exterior portion. This is ideal for commercial construction sites that want to advertise the upcoming updates or new businesses.

Full Service

When you rent a fence from Rhino Fencing, you do not have to worry about anything other than letting us know your requirements. We will gather the appropriate fencing materials, bring everything to your site, and install it for you. Then, when you are done with your rental, we will come and take down the fence and haul it away, leaving the area as pristine as it was before installation.



During the process of selecting your fence rental, make sure that you know your requirements. This will let you easily evaluate whether or not a fence rental company can accommodate your space and layout. You will also want to consider pricing, the sturdiness of the fence, and the overall reputation of your chosen company.

Our materials and experience at Rhino Fencing allow us to provide fence rentals for every situation. Contact us and let us know what you need to rent fence for and we will work with you to arrange and install the appropriate fence rental for your project.