Custom Iron Gates

Many property owners want their space to stand out from others, and one of the many ways to achieve this goal is via a custom iron gate. Our Rhino Fencing team can help you customize an iron gate to fit your exact requirements, whether you want a pattern, words, or a simple iron gate to fit an unusually-sized space.

Iron gates can complement both residential and commercial properties, particularly those that are more spacious and want an elegant feel. A custom iron gate can also be used on smaller properties or to section off smaller areas. Essentially, they work well in any scenario where you want an iron gate that meets your exact specifications.

Can Be Any Style

Because of the customization involved, it is possible to get your iron gate with any style you prefer. We have provided and installed custom iron gates that are relatively simple with just a set of vertical bars. In this case, the only customization is the size and shape of the gate. We have also delivered custom iron gates with a range of patterns, from elegant swirls to imagery like flowers or trees. Those who want the elegance of iron but require a bit more privacy can also add other materials to their iron gates, like a sturdy mesh backing to limit the ability of passersby to see through the bars.

Can Display Words Or Logos

Some of our clients at Rhino Fencing prefer to take their customization to the next level and indicate something about the property in the gate itself. This can mean incorporating words or a logo for a business into the gate, or incorporating your family name. This type of customization is particularly popular for larger properties that want to give off a professional or elegant feel right from the start.

Offer Durability And Security

Many people choose to go with an iron gate instead of one made from a different material thanks to the incredible durability of iron. While a custom iron gate will cost a reasonable amount up front, it will last for decades to come, giving you a very strong return on your investment. Best of all, it will require minimal maintenance during that team so you have one less thing to worry about.

Because of the durability of an iron gate, these structures also offer a great deal of security. Iron gates are strong enough where a would-be trespasser or thief would have a very hard time breaking through them. This strength alone is typically a strong enough deterrent to keep away criminals and protect the property.

Fit Perfectly With Your Fencing

Because we specialize in fences, any custom iron gates you get from Rhino Fencing will work seamlessly with your existing or new fencing. If you already have a fence in place that you do not want to replace, we can design the iron gate to complement it. Or we can keep your chosen new fencing in mind during the design process. You will be involved during every step of the design, so you can confirm that the gate is exactly what you want before production or installation begin.

No matter the type of property that you need a custom iron gate for, Rhino Fencing will gladly guide you through the process and install the gate for you.