Custom Fences

Custom Fencing

At Rhino Fencing, we pride ourselves on providing Austin, Texas, properties with a range of fences, including custom options. We find that while many clients find a standard fence works well for their needs, many either want something unique. Others just cannot find an option among our standard offerings that fits their needs. When that happens, we are happy to work with you to get the custom fencing you need.

All Of Our Fences Are Always Personalized To Some Extent

Keep in mind that even if you do not opt for custom fencing, we will always personalize your fencing to some extent. This includes the more minor elements of customization, such as finding and installing fencing that meets your requirements in terms of height, material, appearance, and other factors. It will also always be customized in terms of length and overall layout to fit your property’s boundaries, whether it is a perfect square or a rectangle.

That said, our custom fences refer to those who want a bit more customization, which can include a range of situations.

When You May Want A Custom Fence

Many people turn to custom fences simply because they have unusual boundaries that they want to enclose. If, for example, the desired path of your fence sits along a curve instead of a straight line, customization may be the best way to go. Or perhaps you will need an unusual material or combination of materials because of the layout or materials on your property.


Others opt for custom fencing for aesthetic reason. Perhaps you just want your property to be unique, in which case you would want to avoid the style of fences common in the area. Or maybe you want a fence that fits a certain theme. A restaurant with a medieval theme, for example, would possibly want fencing that matches the rest of their décor. With custom fencing, the sky is the limit in terms of design.

The Process Of Getting A Custom Fence

Having our team at Rhino Fencing install a custom fence on your property is similar to the process of installing any other fencing, but the consultation and planning process lasts longer. We begin by having a thorough discussion with you about your fencing requirements and evaluate your property. We will ask you if you already have ideas for your custom fencing or provide some of our own.

Based on our professional expertise, we will evaluate all custom fence ideas to ensure they will be sturdy and are practical. If necessary, we will make suggestions for minor changes. Once we are settled on a fence that works well and fits your needs, we gather the materials and take care of installation, just like we would with any other fence.

Our vast industry experience at Rhino Fencing allows us to install and provide other fencing services for a range of fence types, including custom ones. Contact our team to schedule a consultation so you can get the ball rolling on your custom fence.